The Soulmate Compass
Your ultimate intuitive guidance tool for navigating dating and choosing the RIGHT person for a healthy, lasting love relationship.
(i.e. Do you pick the WRONG men?)

Protect yourself from heartbreak. The Soulmate Compass is your body's innate GPS that lets you know when a potential mate is compatible with you (or not!) for soul-aligned romantic partnership
Is Your "Picker" Broken? 
Gain insight into when you're about to repeat an old pattern so you don’t do it anymore and you don’t miss the red flags early on.
Date Smart! Learn to Access Your Higher Guidance Wisdom 24/7
Easily discern who's got potential and who doesn’t knowing you can trust yourself 100%
Be naturally more magnetic without having to try, being less in your head and more in your body
Finally attract men who meet you on all levels and have the confidence to say no when it’s not that man
When you use your inner Soulmate Compass, you will...

What's Inside
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The Soulmate Compass video guide & "cheat sheet" 
Hi, I'm Jahnavi! With 20-years experience as a relationship & intimacy mentor, I am passionate about helping smart, spiritually-oriented women worried they’re being too picky get focused on what they really want, become naturally magnetic to the right men, and know where to find them.
Are you a self-aware single woman ready to find soul-level love & partnership? 
I had been in this dating thing for a few years and it was pretty miserable. I was in a limbo of relationships that kept not working out. In just the 2nd month of working with Jahnavi, I met someone very special. Unlike my ex who was controlling and, in hindsight, narcissistic, my new partner is thoughtful, kind, and affectionate.
– Gayle Bonner, Psychologist and Author
In my 22 years of marriage I really missed someone asking me, ‘Honey, how was YOUR day?’ And now I have that. I have someone caring about ME and what I’M up to. It’s the true partnership I’ve always longed for. 
– Susan Powell, Master Bodyworker
What others say
Relationship Attraction Mentoring with Jahnavi

I was starting to wonder if a man like this even existed... So phenomenal now to be in a relationship with a grounded, spiritual businessman who has deep and wide emotional literacy. I'm able to open fully to him and the sexual experience has blown my mind….
– Lynn Rousseau, Executive Coach
Understand the nature of your thinking mind in the dating process so it doesn't misguide you - learn instead to follow your body's powerful internal guidance system!
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